When the financial system  has been  weaponized…

Bitcoin is the peacemaker.

As featured in…

“In the future there will be only one occupation: managing one’s wealth.

…and most people are going to be unemployed.”

— Mark E. Jeftovic, ‘The Great Bifurcation’

What’s coming:

The Antidote? Is Crypto.

Learn strategies for staying on the right side of The Great Reset: 

Strategy #1

Profit From Crypto, Without buying Crypto

The Crypto Capitalist Letter was the first newsletter to cover crypto stocks. Our value-based approach (yes, really) has delivered consistent returns. This is not daytrading, algos or technical chartings. We are taking a business-owner mindset to achieve serious compounding.

Strategy #2

earn Crypto Through your Existing Businesses

In 2013, Mark Jeftovic’s main business, easyDNS began accepting Bitcoin, and kept it on the balance sheet. This method enabled him to amass his core HODL of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by earning it instead of buying it.

In the  Cryptofy Your Business Course, Mark will step you through exactly how to to use your existing business to  earn a steady stream of crypto to strengthen your balance sheet and position for the future.

Strategy #3

The Inner Game of Bitcoin

The path to becoming a Crypto Capitalist is one of inner transformation.

In this era of disruption and institutional failure, the Crypto Capitalist must find anchoring from within.

That requires a rigorous introspection and a coherent mental model that will facilitate the basis of conviction

The Inner Game of Bitcoin course is a self-study program to identify and discard obsolete paradigms and acquire a winning mindset for the new era. 

2022 will be a game-changer for crypto stocks.

Find out why crypto stocks will assume leadership in the coming equity cycle.

“As an investor, I’ve always taken a value based approach which is also influenced by elements of  Austrian School economics.


When the lockdowns hit I decided to use the time for study and to hone my investment acumen. I did a deep-dive into the next level, and the process and my methodology kept leading me toward these unknown nanocaps and microcaps in one sector repeatedly…. crypto, crypto, crypto…”


These companies have performed extraordinarily well since discovery, and it’s still very early in the crypto stock cycle.

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The Crypto Capitalist Investment Thesis:

A monetary regime change

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